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The IKARUS Mission

Our mission is to open up the world of remote control gliders to the everyday person. We aim to build gliders for beginners who have never even seen or flown a glider, and advanced users looking to take gliding to new heights. The world of Remote Control (RC) can be very difficult to get into and has long required time, money and a depth of knowledge on how to build, assemble, program and control RC toys.

It’s time to break that pattern.

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Our story began when Karim and his girlfriend Charyse first saw a glider flying above a bluff in California. Despite Karim being a professional drone pilot, frustration quickly set in as they tried to figure out which glider to get, how to assemble and program it, then learn to fly it. Information was hard to come by, forums were geared towards people with very technical knowledge, who had been in the world of RC. Undeterred, they continued flying, all the while thinking about how they could improve the glider and the process of it. After moving to Colorado, they met Perry, a mechanical engineer with a focus on user experience. Inspired by nature, Perry and Karim quickly teamed up and began designing their own RC glider with the goal of creating a simple, intuitive product that can be flown and enjoyed by anyone.